Catch this Saturday Night's Movie - Emajuba!

18 August 2017
Is it love or power that conquers all?
saturday night movie emajuba

Much has been said about the greed that comes with power, particularly among all-powerful kings with no one to answer to. They plunder for wealth, power and at times even love. But can money or power buy love? Find out on this Saturday Night's movie - Emajuba!

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It starts off as a classic romantic tale, boy meets girl and they fall in love. Boy proposes to the girl he loves and she says yes to him, the man of her dreams. They should have a beautiful weeding and live happily ever after. But what happenes when a greedy and spiteful kind step into the picture?

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As a king, he always gets what he wants, from wealth to women. Knowing that the girl is engaged the king chooses to force her into marriage. How will she escape the power he holds and be wit the man of her dreams? Is there anyway for love to prevail over power this time?


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The king may think he has won but little does he know that the girl holds more power than he could ever imagine. Will her spiritual power allow her to have the love she deserves and dreams of? 

Don't miss this Saturday night's movie #Emajuba tomorrow at 19:30! 

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