Bridget and John’s Big Day

02 October 2017
All the elements that went into making it their perfect wedding.
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Bridget and John met in 2014 and just like any other couple, they have gone through their fair share of challenges. It’s no surprise that the couple wanted only the best for when they walk down the aisle.

First up on their Wish List was the bride’s wedding gown. Bridget chose a mermaid gown to accentuate her curvaceous body. Both she and her maid of honour teared up, as she stepped out of the fitting room, for she looked gorgeous in it.

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The couple then went over to the dressmaker’s shop for the groomsmen and bridesmaid’s traditional outfits fitting. It was a simple design, with orange and royal blue as the majour colours and they all loved it. The bride and groom agreed that they would only reveal their outfits during the wedding ceremony.  

The couple ended off with the décor viewing and to their surprise, the décor designer had included something they had not anticipated. He included a stand, where the couple could put some of their smaller items, such as their pictures, on the display. They couple loved it!

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With that, Bridget and John ticked off all the items on their Wish List and had a perfect wedding.


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