Newly single Brenda has options! – Unmarried

13 February 2019
Brenda is available and single to mingle!
<p>Brenda&#39;s love life</p>

Brenda has found herself single but not without suitors, in the groundbreaking season premiere of #Unmarried, her husband was getting married to someone else. The ceremony came to a tragic end when her friends attended the wedding and gave Brenda a heads up. She was never ready for the rest of the tea, the other women had a baby with her husband. To make matters worse, Donald handed over divorce papers cause he wanted out!

Lesego - The Security Guard 

Girls night aways seems like a great idea when you're single, but what happens when wake up with the security guard from work? Lesego has always been the polite guy from work, always respectful and friendly. Turns out, he's also a bartender at the girls favourite nightclub. Fast forward to a few drinks, and she wakes up next to him in the morning! Sure, he doesn't have money but he seems like a good guy. Isn't that the only thing that counts? 

Vuyo - The good looking actor 

Vuyo is the new guy pursuing Brenda, and he's a total flame! Lesego actually had her eyes on him, but he was fixated with Brenda's beauty. These two have gone on their first date, and the chemistry was lit! Vuyo had to ask " Your place or mine?" , Brenda quickly put the brakes on the question insinuating it was too soon. Was it? You be the judge of that!  However, we think they would make a picture perfect couple.

Donald - The ex husband  

Well...ex husbands are always an option, or are they? She is famiiar with Donald and surely, it can't be that easy to get over their relationship. yES, he's a cheater and a liar but she's single and she needs to mingle. We think Donald might want to work things out, when he realises the perks of having a rich wife are gone. 

The boss 

Brenda has two options, sleep with her boss and get promoted OR don't sleep with him and her life at work could be really difficult! What should she choose? She is highly capable at her job, but her chances of being promoted on merit will prove to be impossible! If she's as ambitious as we think she is, she might consider this. However, her credentials speak for herself and she could apply anywhere! 

Stay glued to your screens to catch how all of this will unfold, #Unmarried airs every Wednesday at 8pm.