Bootcamp Mzansi: Tshepiso the brave

20 March 2015
Bootcamp Mzansi: Tshepiso the brave Image : 401
When Mzansi Magic audiences were first introduced to Tshepiso, the bubbly Bootcamp Mzansi contestant stood out with her propensity for quick wit and an undeniably infectious smile.

As Bootcamp kicked into high gear, Tshepiso proved to be more than just a pretty face. Despite battling an injury, as well as a bad case of the knock-knees, Tshepiso soldiered on and found herself in the ‘Top 5’. But where did her weigh journey begin. Here is her story in her own words:

After learning about diet and exercise technique, Tshepi’s life ultimately took a turn for the best. Despite not making it to the ‘Top 2’, Tshepi has proved that with determination, anything is possible.