Bootcamp Mzansi: All eyes on Bonginkosi

25 January 2015
Is Bonginkosi peaking too fast?
Bootcamp Mzansi: All eyes on Bonginkosi     Image : 240

If there’s one contestant who has stood head and shoulders above his competition over the last couple of weeks with his consistently solid showing during challenges, it definitely has to be Bonginkosi.

Moments after being introduced to Mzansi as one of the thirteen who would be competing for the Bootcamp crown, Bonginkosi sprinted to an inspired first class finish, that saw him score use of the Bootcamp Mzansi suite for a whole week. This victory marked the beginning of many, as his weigh-loss journey continues in earnest. His determination and dedication has seen him win every challenge presented to the contestants since the competition started. Does his impressive showing mean Bonginkosi just could be the one to walk away with the crown, come finale?

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A lot has been said by his fellow Bootcampers about how “skinny” he is. However, as per Bootcamp Mzansi master Nonhle’s assertations, Bonginkosi’s particular type of build means he has to work twice as hard as the other contestants, to get rid of the extra weight. During last week’s Weigh-Ins, a disappointed Bonginkosi discovered just how difficult the journey will be for him. Instead of losing fat, Bonginkosi’s readings show how he has consistently gained muscle over the course of his stay in the house. It goes without saying that bulking up is not the objective.

One of many wins

As hungry as Bonginkosi is for the crown, it goes without saying that relaxing, will not do him any favours. MaBlerh, Tsepo, Moitsie, Hlengiwe , Mary and the rest of the gang have stepped up their game and have even shaken off debilitating injuries, in a bid to unseat Bonginkosi as challenge champion. Can he hold on to the crown? Find out tonight on Bootcamp Mzansi at 18:00. It’s on Mzansi Magic!

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