Bootcamp Mzansi Ep2 Review: A teary farewell

13 January 2015
Mulalo’s dramatic exit, food hoarders and lots more.
Bootcamp Mzansi Ep2 Review: A teary farewell Image : 215
Proceedings kicked off on a high note this week in the Bootcamp Mzansi house, when actor and musician Clint Brink pulled the mother of all surprises and dropped by. Unfortunately, this was not a courtesy call.

Renowned for his rock solid physique and Muay Thai skills, the actor wasted no time putting the contestant’s through their paces. And of course, South Africa was thrilled.

As the contestants were happily coming down from the high of a great training session, Mulalo dropped a bombshell. “I want to go home. I feel like everyone in the house blames me for everything that goes wrong”. Left shell-shocked by his voluntary exit rumblings, some of the contestants quickly rallied to his side, while others expressed how indifferent they were to his possible exit. “You have taken the place of someone in the township, who would have relished the opportunity to be on the show,” MaBlerh said, during a tense bonfire therapy session banded together by psychologist, Tshepiso. Despite a one-on-one session with Nonhle, Mulalo couldn't be swayed and decided to throw in the proverbial towel anyway. Did he give up too soon?

This week, it also came to light that some of the Bootcampers have been hiding food. But for what purpose? Could this be the reason why so many of the contestants were nervous about this week’s weigh-ins? Luckily, none of the contestant packed on the pounds and gained any weight this week, which came as a welcome relief.

Bonginkosi, or “the skinny guy” as Tsepo and MaBlerh like to call him, continued with his sublime form and won this week’s challenge. Bo has won every challenge presented to the contestants, since he first walked into the Bootcamp mansion. After being given the choice between a spinning bike or the chance to hang out outside the house for a couple of hours, Bonginkosi chose the bike and gave Khanyo her freedom. MaBlerh's impressive showing, on the other hand, earned him second place.

This week, Nomalanga and Mary impressed and were the best performing of the contestants. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Mduduzi and Siphokazi, who found themselves in the bottom two. After a dramatic wait, the bad news was finally delivered and Siphokazi was given her marching orders.

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