Bootcamp Mzansi Ep 2: Emotions overflow!

16 January 2015
Bootcamp Mzansi Ep 2: Emotions overflow! Image : 223

The third episode of Bootcamp Mzansi got many people emotional and frustrated! The main issue of contention was Mulalo’s sudden decision to end his journey on the show and on a much sadder note, Siphokazi’s eviction.

Poor girl wept silly and got us all sad and feeling sorry for her. We hope she’s doing just fine! On a lighter note, MaBlerh and Hlengiwe allowed us some chuckles when they teased each other in the morning about their bodies. It was good to see that they could laugh at themselves!

Check below what stood out for you on the show:

Nomonde Dyantyi Tear jerker when Siphokazi left.
Ratanang Angelah Shabangu I loved the burpees part, they reminded me of my trainer, she's also aggressive on good performance and results, just like Nonhle, T totally enjoy this show cos I love fitness!!
Nosyhler C-hler Chili Why did Siphokazi leave? Because there is nothing much she did, and yooooooo Nonhle u hot u actually showed me what to do.
Dina Sekhu Enjoyed watching Clint. He's so damn sexy.
Ellen Mathibela I enjoyed watching the show, kodwa Mulalo to give up like that for someone haai, u are the only one who knows why u left the house.
Sonto Mhlambi I Really need to loose weight now hayi kodwa Mulalo this guy hayi what a waste can I take his space pls just luv this show Im pushing hard ryt now to loose
Philile Nhlangulela Ku-Jwara Ncaah, its so sad she was serious abt being there, unlike mulala.. Siphokazi deserve anthr chance 2 prove herslf. But thn....#ShezOut..