The Baddest Team

08 December 2016
Shaka and Kagiso have gone from being rivals to a the baddest team. Will their union last?

It is the most unlikely union in Mzansi right now, but it seems Shaka and Kagiso have gone from sibling rivalry to got-your-back. This is all in the face of those who would like to have them apart and at each other throat. It seems Harriet knew exactly what she was doing when she put Kagiso in charge. While their bromance is beautiful to watch, it may be short lived as it faces many challenges ahead. 

Linda and Brutus are still out to dethrone Kagiso

Another unlikely team has been the the Linda and Brutus team-up against Kagiso in order to put Shaka, and by consequence, themselves at the top. Can Kagiso keep getting out of the booby traps they keep setting up for him? How long can Linda and Brutus continue to work together before they get at each other's throats? 

Shaka is a great big brother

The one thing that has managed to save Kagiso, is Shaka's protection over him, despite it coming with his wrath. It has been an interesting turn of events to watch the hotheaded Shaka take Kagiso under his wing. Shaka has come to Kagiso's rescue a number of times:

When Dlamini and his goons were ready to draw blood for their money right outside the Khoza house, Shaka pleaded and took a knock on his brother's behalf. 

34 shaka place

Kagiso is a good and charming leader

He may not be best fit for the Khoza cocaine business, but Kagiso has a way with people. He is truly a leader. Countless times, he has managed to wrap what could be Mzansi's most dangerous men around his finger in high pressure situations. Moments like when his mother left the country and when he decided to tell the Big Five the truth about the missing cocaine. 

Shaka and Kagiso make a great team!

No one could have ever expected, but as different as they are, Shaka and Kagiso make a great team. Shaka, with his hotheaded, can-do attitude and his feel for the cocaine business with Kagiso's levelled and charming approach have gelled well together. 

They worked together to find out where Eric and his parents live: 

34 erics house

They worked well, with some help from their sister Kea, to track down Eric and then take him down at Boi's Corner

They worked together to torture Eric to get information about the hidden drugs. We even saw a darker side of Kagiso

Can the bromance between Shaka and Kagiso continue? Or is there something out there that can break up the happily ever after the two brothers have built for each other? Will the truth about Linda ever be revealed? 

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