Bizarre Wedding Cakes!

27 August 2015
Bizarre Wedding Cakes! Image : 590
After the bride, the wedding cake is the next biggest spectacular at the wedding. Every couple wants their taste and personality to show through their cake, but some couples perhaps take it a little too far. Check out these weird wedding cakes. Are they funny and cute, or just plain wrong?

Drunk couple cake
This cake shows exactly what the couple's favourite pastime, and gives the guests and indication as to the state of the newlyweds after the reception.


Life-size bride cake

This bride decided not to take the chance of having the cake outshine her!


Fishing bride cake

This bride is sending a strong message to all her guests; she caught one!


War cake

Not sure whether this is what the couple's relationship is like, or whether they're letting all the guests know there may just be a double murder in the future.


Game over cake

The groom's bachelor days are over, so he'll have to stop playing games; video games and games in love. Game over!


Burger cake

Why have a cake when you can have a burger? Why choose, when you can have both!


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