Betty and Neo’s Big Day

23 October 2017
All the elements that went into making it their perfect wedding.
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Betty is one bride who knew exactly what she wanted. From initiating a conversation on a popular chat site, which started her relationship with Neo, to all the elements that made their wedding day perfect.

Both she and Neo had the décor, bridal attire, wedding gown and the cake as items that would make their big day memorable and it’s no surprise that the wanted only the best.

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The couple first checked up on the décor. Betty had asked their décor designer to come up with a beautiful concept. Sadly, the décor designer passed away a week before the day of the viewing but her associates made sure that it was splendid and although it was a sad moment for the couple, they were pleased.

They then headed over to the dressmaker, where the bridesmaids tried on their dresses. The couple had initially chosen a certain design and even bought the fabric but the dressmaker came up with a whole new concept and everyone was excited, especially the bridesmaids.

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Cake tasting was up next and coincidentally, it was also the bride’s birthday. How cool is that!? Their four-tier cake just needed a few finishing touches but they were able to taste the delicious vanilla and chocolate flavoured cake and they were happy with it.

The big moment followed, when the bride fitted her wedding gowns. She had initially wanted seven but settled for three. The mother of the bride couldn’t help but beam with pride, as Betty stepped out of the fitting room in her gown.

With that, Betty and Neo ticked off all the items on their Wish List and had a perfect wedding.


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