BBMzansi: The fake, emotional split!

01 May 2015
BBMzansi: The fake, emotional split! Image : 428

There was silence after Big Brother revealed the inevitable, the Royals and abo Baby were to be split for the rest of the game. Of course Mzansi knows that it's all a prank but someone would have to try and tell that to Blue, who cried uncontrollably. Blue was to be be paired with Pumba, while Kay would be with K2.

Following both pairs' failed attempts at answering questions about their partners, the Royals and the Babies had to be swapped by Mzansi via WeChat.

The Duchess, as she refers to herself (on a good day) couldn't contain the sorrow of being separated from her love, K2. However, K2 took it all in his stride and made a quick decision. He wanted out of the game! Really K2? That bad?

With her man far from her side, it was Soxx who followed Royal Blue upstairs to comfort her; "Mamela, Blue. I'm sorry to say this but crying will not help you right now". 

"This is what the viewers want, who knows? This may be the best for you," Soxx tried to console Blue. He reminded her that she entered the game alone. Kay and Pumba didn't give anything away as they headed outside to enjoy a shared cigarette. 

About 30 minutes later, Pumba found time to assure Blue that he was in the game to win it and would continue to do his best. It 

Everything seemed real, how were they going to continue without the partners they had grown to love and understand? What would happen to their games? These were probably some of the questions they were asking themselves. What they forgot though was that, it's Non Sense Week and none of this should make sense!

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