BBMzansi: The colder it gets, the closer they get!

09 April 2015
BBMzansi: The colder it gets, the closer they get! Image : 384
With winter creeping in, housemates were finding creative ways of keeping warm. They were also discovering that body heat is a tried and trusted method of preserving warmth. This meant that some were ducking off into bed sooner than others to escape the cold breeze.

Tiffini often sneaks off to hibernate under the covers and today was no different. Pumba, who we reckoned was enamored with her and made it a habit to hang around her, joined her for a cosy cuddle because tonight was particularly windy. Also, they seemed to melt into one another’s company.

Their pillow talk was a lot less tense than that of Khali and Bongi, which was taking place on the other side of the room.

Khali took all the stresses of her day to bed as she dumped her earlier confrontation with Mbali on poor, sleepy-head Bongi. She went into all the details as Bongi peeked out from underneath the covers for air.


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