BBMzansi: Say hello to Biggie's secret agents!

27 April 2015
BBMzansi: Say hello to Biggie's secret agents! Image : 424
This afternoon Biggie asked you to help pick his elite team of public secret agents who will operate in the shadows of the house. Thanks to your votes we have found our agents!

The secret agents will be Ace, Mbali and K2! Now that the team has been picked, they will be notified by Biggie of their new roles. Thereafter, they have a limited amount of time to complete their tasks.

How you voted

Tembi 31

Soxx 381

Mbali 3667

Ntombi 644

Pumba 902

Kay 378

K2 3810

Ace 6048

Chelsea 220

Blue 938

Total votes: 17019

The task will be picked by you, the public, and the trio will have just 24 hours to get it done. In addition, they will have to add fuel to the fire by calling a meeting to find "culprits" and true to secret agent operations, they are to rule themselves out as suspects.

As the handlers for the agents, you, the public, may pick three of the following missions:

  • Steal one favourite item from each housemate and place it in the storeroom.

  • Steal one sneaker/shoe from everyone and place in the storeroom.

  • Steal the house’s sugar and place it in the storeroom

  • Steal the house’s salt and place it in the storeroom.

  • Swap the dining room and lounge furniture without being caught.

  • Steal all the cutlery and crockery and place it in the storeroom without anyone noticing

If the first mission doesn’t go as planned and causes distress in the house, the agents may pick another challenge.

Should they be successful, meaning they don’t get busted, Biggie will ask them to reveal themselves to everyone during task judgement as the Public Undercover Team. They will get a special reward recommended by the public for successfully pulling off the mission

However, if they are caught during the investigation or while executing a mission, they fail and get nothing.

It's Fake Week so DO NOT vote. Voting only opens on Friday night at 22:00 after the Friday night games till Sunday at 06:00. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, on Instagram and on WeChat: BigBrotherMzansi.