BBMzansi: Rock n’ Roll stole their souls

06 May 2015
BBMzansi: Rock n’ Roll stole their souls Image : 439

Today’s time travelling was faster and a whole lot funkier. Hot out of a Western as yanks, cowboys and Red Indians, housemates were blasted into the Punk Rock rebel era of the 70’s.

They slipped into colourful, tight and edgy jeans and mini-skirts and wore luminous mullet wigs made famous during the grunge street culture of the day.

Punk Rock was a DIY movement that started in reaction to the mainstream music. Punk Rockers were rebellious underdogs who created music from scratch in garages with very little formal musical training.

The movement was about feeling and individuality and that was what carried the culture. It was inspired by a wild and funky style of dress that reflected the rebellion in the music.

The Punkettes were hyper feminine with a bout of wild character.

The Punk dudes were often in black and heavily accessorised in chunky and spiky jewellery.

The rebellious style was clearly a throwback. But did you know that there are musicians, entertainers and celebrities who carried their 70’s into the present and seemed, themselves, stuck in the era.

This time zone was all about expressing individuality and rocking on. 

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