BBMzansi Press Release: Nominations on Sunday!

20 April 2015
BBMzansi Press Release: Nominations on Sunday! Image : 408

During last night’s live Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble show (Sunday, April 19) screened on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161), Biggie delivered a big twist when he unexpectedly sent an auditor into the house and tasked surprised housemates to make their nominations for this week there and then!

The show started with series host Lungile Radu welcoming audiences as he noted that Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble is now officially at the halfway mark with 28 days gone and 28 days to go. He also took the opportunity to remind audiences that there would be no evictions in tonight’s show.

Then it was time for last week’s evictees Gino and Tiffini to talk about their Big Brother experience. For Gino the biggest challenges was that he had to adapt to people who were much younger than him, while for Tiffini, her challenge was trying to mingle with different personalities. During their exit interview, both confirmed that they would miss cooking in the house before going on extend their appreciation to fans with Tiff saying, ‘Thanks everyone for supporting us. As you know, me and my brother walked into the house as individuals but we left as siblings. Thank you so much again.’

Back on stage, Lungile reminded audiences that on Monday night Adams was removed from the house on suspicion of possible misconduct while Bexx was removed for her own well-being. With Soxx and Tembi choosing to form a new pair, 6 pairs now remain in the house halfway to the finish line.

Lungile then advised audiences that Biggie had a surprise for the 12 remaining housemates and then handed over to the big guy himself. Speaking directly to the housemates Biggie began by thanking Chelsea and Mbali for executing their Head of House duties this past week. He went on to say to the twosome: “However your reign has Heads of House ends immediately. This means that your HoH duties end this evening too. All privileges that come with the Head of House title are no longer applicable to the two of you. As of this evening there will be no Heads of House and Big Brother suggests that all Housemates assist with the running of the house until further notice.”

With that announcement, Biggie left audiences and housemates guessing what would happen next, while Lungile promised all would be revealed soon.  Before anything further could happen though, it was time for music to take over Biggie’s stage and this time it was DJ Sliqe, with Do Like I Do, featuring Kwesta and the late pioneer of Mzansi hip hop Flabba.

After a superb performance, Lungsta then recapped the week that was for viewers, reminding them that it all began with the ringing of the red telephone which Kay unfortunately picked up, only to be advised by Biggie that she and her partner were not allowed to participate in the Head of House challenges. Talk about bad luck…

Meanwhile this week the housemates took on an outdoors themed Wildness Task.  Activities included - housemates creatingoutfits based on their favourite Big 5 animal; baking and decorating a cake using their chosen animal as inspiration; an epic tug of war battle and creating a Mud Painting. But their hard work definitely paid off as Biggie awarded the Housemates 100% of their task wager.

Another highlight this past week was the Double or Nothing Challenge on Friday, when the housemates showcased their rhythm in a Dance Off competition. With over 7000 votes cast on WeChat during the two hours of the competition, Ace and Ntombi ultimately emerged victorious. The pair won a spa date and because they landed on 'Double' when they spun the 'Double or Nothing' wheel, they got to share the treat with Soxx and Tembi, who they picked at random.  Given the success of the challenge, no doubt Biggie will be doing something similar again …so keep watching to find out when.

Plus this week’s Friday Night Games also delivered on entertainment with the offer of another stunning prize – the possibility for the winning pair to get a straight pass to the finale. After Chelsea and Mbali won, thanks to their target and mechanical bull-riding skills, the duo were faced with the big choice. Under one of five covered domes sat the prize and all they had to do was pick correctly. Sadly the pair didn’t pick the right dome and the chance to sail into the finale slipped out of reach.

Chelsea and Mbali have certainly had a busy week. This week, they also took the opportunity to use the Conspiracy Booth, first together plotting out their game strategy and next, inviting Soxx and Tembi to conspire with them. The result of these discussions remain to be seen…so stay tuned.

With the week recap complete, it was finally time for Biggie’s surprise which he delivered, again talking directly to the Housemates. Biggie’s message was clear. Housemates would have to nominate right there and then, and an auditor would facilitate the ballot process in the house immediately.

Talk about a surprise!

The housemates had a quick break to digest the news and then it was time for round one of nominations when individual housemates were given 15 seconds to cast their votes one at a time, starting with Kay and ending with Khali.

Once that was done it was time for round two, and each pair got 30 seconds to cast their vote for another pair they’d like to see evicted from the Big Brother house.  What followed was whispered conversation, quick consultations and fevered speculations as first Soxx and Tembi made their selections, followed by Bongi and Khali; Ace and Ntombi; Kay and Pumba; Chelsea and Mbali and last but not least, Blue and K2 got their opportunity to make their choice.

With the nominations process over, the auditors left the house as musician Rhabs headed onstage to deliver a powerful performance of Count Your Blessings, interspersed with Stop Xenophobia messages, which were echoed in the signs held up by the studio audience as well.

Then, after the independent auditors from Deloitte verified the votes and gave the results to Lungile, he got the tough job of breaking the news to the housemates.  With the housemates waiting to hear their fate, Lungile made the announcement. Nominated this week were: Blue and K2; Chelsea and Mbali; Kay and Pumba; Ace and Ntombi.

Before he signed off though, Lungile had one last piece of information for the housemates - they will have the opportunity to redeem themselves tomorrow when they play the Head of House challenge and the Head of House team challenge. The pair that win this will automatically win immunity and their names will be removed from the nominations list. Plus these lucky winners will then also get to do Monday’s save and replace when Biggie tells them to do so. This means that tomorrow’s games are going to be competitive for sure! So make sure you watch to see who will rise to the challenge ahead…

Remember, once nominations for this week are finalized and announced tomorrow evening, audiences must vote to keep their favourite pair in the house because one pair will be evicted next Sunday. Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble is screened 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198. The 56 day series is produced for Mzansi Magic by Endemol Shine SA. Remember to share your thoughts and opinions or get info on the show on any of the following platforms:

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