BBMzansi: Ntombace & the Royals are finalists!

05 May 2015
BBMzansi: Ntombace & the Royals are finalists! Image : 436
Two pairs have guaranteed their spots in the Big Brother Double Trouble finale. Soulmates Ace & Ntombi and chance-lovers Blue & K2 sealed their deal yesterday after conquering the Head of House challenge and dodging nominations respectively.

Known as the feisty pair having won HoH the most times in the game and bagged immunity and power of nomination cards, Blue & K2 have certainly earned their stripes. Regardless of being armed with a nominations immunity card, the pair could have sat out the HoH challenge and allowed Ntombi & Ace to win, but they soldiered on.

For a pair that met on the Double Trouble live launch stage, Blue & K2 often played the game with ease and poise, referring to themselves as the Royal couple.

That one moment!

Perhaps it was inevitable that the two would eventually find love amidst their game strategy, which kept them head and shoulders above the rest. These two positioned themselves as the classy, regal pair and that made them stand out.

Well, Ntombi & Ace or 'Ntombace' would not be left out of the bandwagon. These lovers gel from the way they chat to the way they rap and dance. Their take on tasks has been on another level - always giving it their all. Though never shy to take the back seat whenever necessary, the couple shown really bright when they had to.

That was quite an entrance!

Winning the Dance Off became the cherry on top for them as they got to prove to Mzansi that they actually were performers - good ones at that. Diary sessions became a breeze as the two sashayed between rapping to sending shout-outs to their lil boy and simply just joking around with Biggie.

So, who between Tembi & Soxx and Mbali & Chelsea will join the privileged four on the last mile?

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