BBMzansi: Kay & Pumba evicted!

04 May 2015

After spending 41  days in the Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble house, tonight (Sunday, May 3) marked the end of the road for Jozi’s Kay and Pumba who were evicted from the game after receiving the least viewer votes this week. The twosome, who were paired up to play the game during the series launch in March, exited the house during the live Sunday show at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161). 

This week, the show kicked off once with Biggie welcoming on stage series presenter Lungile Radu. Looking completely at home on the Big Brother stage, Lungsta took his place in front of the cameras and reminded the audience that four pairs were up for eviction this week – Ace and Ntombi; Blue and K2; Chelsea and Mbali; Kay and Pumba. 

Before the big announcement of who would be leaving this week, last week’s evictees Bongi and Khali got their chance to update audiences on their plans going forward. Upbeat about their time on the show, the couple thanked fans for their support and looked as in love as ever.

Having heard from Bongi and Khali, Lungile then spent some time bringing audiences up to speed on the activities of the action-packed past week, ensuring that everyone tuning in got a chance to see the highlights.

There were definitely highlights galore, starting with the fact that this past week was NON SENSE week where everything in the house from nominations to Head of House was absolutely fake. And while the audiences were in on the secret, the Housemates had no idea that everything was all fake. This led to an emotional moment for Blue and K2 as well as Pumba and Kay who really thought Biggie was serious when he swapped their pairs. Which of course, he hadn’t.

Adding to the drama this past week was the ‘Say Yes’ task where Housemates were asked to say yes to a series of challenges that came direct from the viewers. The results were definitely entertaining - Pumba dressed up as Naughty Nanny Nancy and dusted the house; K2 dressed as a French maid, Soxx gave up his cigarettes before Kay took over that challenge, Ace and Ntombi had to stay a prescribed distance away from each other and Blue had to undo her new hairdo. One thing became quite clear this week – judging by their suggestions, the audience watching at home is very creative!

Biggie is pretty creative himself as well, which he demonstrated again this week with the ‘how well do you know your partner’ game which delivered quite a few wrong answers and a lot of emotion, as the Housemates discovered how much (or how little) they knew about each other.

Plus Biggie also gave Ace, Mbali and K2 a series of undercover assignments - hiding Thembi’s gown as well as the girls make-up kits; removing and hiding the entire set of cutlery plus swapping out the sugar for the salt. Proving they’ve got skills of their own, Big Brother’s Public UnderCover Team carried out their missions like pro’s and no-one in the house even suspected them.

Given that the Housemates were so engaging with Biggie and fan requests this past week, there’s no wonder that they all have Super Fans and Lungile took time out to pay tribute to those Super Fans by reading out some of the messages that they have sent in for their favourite Housemates – a mix of fun, sweet and sentimental messages that show just why the show is so popular with audiences.

Meanwhile the past week also saw Chelsea and Mbali take on a mission of their own – closely guarding the R 30 000 cheque they won, a task that played out over 48 hours and involved the two re-setting a timer hourly as a failure to do so would have resulted in them forfeiting part of the cash to other Housemates. But the duo were determined and the money has soon theirs for the keeping. Together with the money they banked in week 3, Mbali and Chelsea have built up a tidy sum of cash for themselves.

But, of course, fake week had to end and it ended spectacularly during the Friday Night Games when Biggie revealed all to the Housemates, including the fact that they were all automatically up for nominations and that only the pair who won Friday Night Games would have immunity from nominations.

With that announcement in the air and so much at stake, it was time to get playing and the Housemates gave it their all!  After several exciting rounds, including pie throwing and egg eating stages, the winners of the latest Friday Night Games were revealed – Soxx and Tembi were safe from possible eviction. The remaining four pairs were all up for nomination and the public got voting straight after Friday Night Games. But just who fans saved and who they didn’t remained to be seen…

Lungile didn’t make audiences wait much longer for the answer though. Having completed his recap of the past week and following a wonderful performance from Bucie (Shela), Lungile was ready to deliver eviction results (verified by Deloitte) to the Housemates. After chatting to the Housemates about their past week, Lungile asked the four nominated pairs to stand and get ready for the eviction news. After a few suspenseful seconds, he made the announcement – that Kay and Pumba were out of the race for the R 2 million series grand prize.

And as Kay and Pumba made their way from the house to the Big Brother stage, Donald (featuring Bucie) took to the spotlight to perform the hit track Don’t Let It Burn. Heading on stage after the performance, Kay and Pumba were met by cheering fans as they sat down with Lungile to discuss their time in the game.

While both seemed to really enjoy their stay in the house, they did confirm that the red telephone really was bad luck for them, with it delivering bad news to them whenever they picked it up.

According to a laughing Pumba, ’You even go through a phase you think Biggie is picking on you’ though of course, it was just bad timing. Asked whether their relationship would ever develop into something romantic, the two had mixed emotions with Pumba saying that he didn’t see her in that light, in response to Kay’s diary session where she had said she did have feelings for her partner. Both went on to smile though as they watched their highlights from the house, and then made sure to thank their fans with Kay saying, ‘love you guys!’

Having bid farewell to Kay and Pumba, Lungile then returned to the House were the remaining nominated Housemates were still waiting to hear if another pair would be leaving today. After teasing them for a few minutes, Lungile confirmed that there would be no more evictions tonight…news that the Housemates received with relief. Lungile then also revealed to audiences that this coming week, there will be no save and replace, which should make the game even more interesting. But another pair will be heading home next week and to find out just which two will leave, you will have to tune in again to Mzansi Magic, Sunday at 20:00.

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