BBMzansi: Halfway there already!

23 April 2015
BBMzansi: Halfway there already! Image : 410
It feels like just the other day when Mzansi ushered in 10 determined pairs into the Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble house. Boasting of double everything, we had two launches and yes, the game is played in pairs.

So, five genuine couples made of siblings Gino & Tiffini, ex-lovers Tembi & Adams, cousins Bexx & Soxx, new lovers Bongi & Khali and soul mates Ntombi & Ace became Biggie's first tenants during the first live show.

Just as they were settling into their new abode, the five pairs were shocked out of their wits when five more pairs pounced on them. This time, the individuals were paired speed-dating style during the second live show, which took place the following day. Sibu & Matthias, K2 & Blue, Kay & Pumba, Lebo & Ex and Chelsea & Mbali sprung on the unassuming residents and it was clear that the game had officially begun.

The red telephone


What happens when the phone rings in Biggie's house? Is it safe to answer? Well, Ex took his chances and earned his pair HoH powers. That meant that everyone guard the phone like a hawk. When it rang again during the first eviction show, everyone rushed to answer it, with the hope of getting good news. But, it was Ex's luck again and he and Lebo were escorted out of the house. Once on stage with Lungile, the pair were given an ultimatum; take R100,000 now and leave the show or reject the offer and go back to the game with nothing. After deliberating, the pair opted to drop the game and take the loot.

The next time the phone rang, Tiffini was the lucky receiver. It was during the liquid diet week so being offered a dinner of spare ribs for the whole house wouldn't have come at a more opportune time. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on Kay's side when she answered the phone. It was bad news through and through as she and Pumba would have to sit out the HoH challenge and Pumba didn't find it funny at all.

Kay goes "Hhaaa hhhaa hhaa!"

Heads of House

Not all pairs can make Heads of House and while some have been lucky, there's others that may just leave before enjoying the benefits. This is how the house has been ruled over the past four weeks:

Week 1: Ex and Lebo
Week 2: K2 and Blue
Week 3: Chelsea and Mbali
Week 4: Pumba and Kay

Double or Nothing and Friday Night Games

The Friday Night Games have seen the housemates dabble on high stakes. The first one was a transfer window session that allowed the pairs that had been formed speed-dating style to swap partners. It would seem as though everyone was happy with how fate had paired them apart from Ex, who wanted nothing to do with Lebo. Seeing as Lebo was happy with him, he found himself in trouble. Pumba refused to pair with him and so did Mbali, which meant that he had to be stuck with Lebo anyway.

Sibu and Matthias also won but it was too little too late because they had to exit the game on that Sunday so they transferred their prize to Mbali and Chelsea. What Mbali and Chelase didn't know was that the prize was both a blessing and a curse. The girls were offered R10,000 each but they had to ensure that the house stays on a protein shake diet for the rest of the week. Without batting an eyelid, the girls took on the challenge. By the end of the week, they had made cash and enemies. They managed to bank R8,300 each after sacrificing some of their moolah for treats.

Halfway cash

It didn't help that there were two birthdays celebrated in the house that week; Bongi and Khali's. The girls decided to pass on Bongi's cake but they put buying Khali's birthday cake to a vote and, who wouldn't want to eat cake?

Blue and K2 won immunity and power of nomination, which they managed to keep to themselves until the best moment presented itself. It was sad news for Mbali and Chelsea who lost the one-way ticket to the finale after failing to select the correct cloche.

Evictions, disqualifications and voluntary exits

Week 1: The first pair to leave the house was Lebo and EX after choosing to take R100,000 over continuing with the game.
Week 2: Sibu and Matthias became the first to be evicted from the show.
Week 3: Siblings Gino and Tiffini were the second pair to be evicted.
Week 4: There were no evictions following the dismissal of Adams and Bexx on Day 22. Their partners, Tembi and Soxx were introduced as a new pair on the same day.

In closing off the first half of the season, Biggie decided to shock the housemates into nominations during the live show. Yes, they had to nominate each other in the watchful eye of Deloitte auditors.

Nominating under pressure!

That has been the game so far and the plot thickens by the day as the remaining 12 feel closer to the R2 Million ultimate prize.

At this point, it's anyone's game to lose - may the best player win!

AceNtombiChelseaMbaliKayPumba, and K2 and Blue  are up for eviction.  Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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