BBMzansi: Go Big or Go Home!

22 April 2015
BBMzansi: Go Big or Go Home! Image : 416

Dancing in the morning might just be what the housemates need to snap out of their slumber. Some nominated ladies wore their sexy numbers and took to handling the house chores.

As the days draw closer to eviction night, it would seem as though the nominated ones are trying everything in their power to stay relevant.

Blue fiercely took out her tiara this morning, dorned a skimpy floral jumpsuit and high heeled shoes just to start scrubbing floors and making beds. Khali wouldn't be outdone by the self-proclaimed duchess as she wore barely-there bum shorts. She even told the others that she was trending as her shorts could be mistaken for nudes. The diva washed, rinsed and dried the shower floor like a pro.

In her hot tight blue and white number, Ntombi complained about stomach cramps sparking an irritated Ace to tell her that she needed to pull up her socks and she’d rather not tell him when she gets sick.  She took out her anger on scrubbing the stove and turning the kitchen upside down.

You’d swear the girls were off to a hookup over cocktails but well, that's just how they preferred to look while handling chores.

Five pairs are competing for your votes this week and the competition has never looked so fierce.

AceNtombiChelseaMbaliKayPumba, and K2 and Blue  are up for eviction.  Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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