BBMzansi: Gino & Tiffini did it all!

13 April 2015
BBMzansi: Gino & Tiffini did it all! Image : 389
The only sibling pair in the Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble house, Gino and Tiffini had a good run in the game for three weeks. Though they fought more than they got along, their relationship was really getting better by the day.

The pair was booted out of the show yesterday after surviving two nominations. As the only pair to have managed to dodge the dagger every time they were nominated, thanks to being saved by the HoH, Gino and Tiffini told Lungsta on stage that they knew that the game was over for them.

At the beginning of the game, the pair could hardly sit close to each other during their diary sessions but after a few days, that changed. Big Brother even commented at some point that it was good to see the siblings getting closer.

Tiffini was quite lucky in 'love' as she became one of Ex's girls and fooled around a bit with K2 before settling with Pumba after Ex's exit. When Lungsta asked about who she would consider a relationship with, she whisked out Ex's hat; "I have his hat right here," she said.

Tiffini and Gino's highlights

Towards the end of their BBMzansi stay, Tiffini struck it lucky when she answered the red phone and earned herself a meal voucher. As this was during the liquid diet, everyone was excited to learn that Tiffini had bought them spare ribs. As for Gino, he quickly became the resident chef and masseur, making sure that he prepared gourmet meals while keeping the ladies relaxed with his capable hands.

The pair has left good friends in Chelsea and Mbali, whom they both got very close to during their stay in the house.

It's good to see that the two were already hanging out with relevant people aka Biggie's own, Kuli.

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