BBMzansi: Emotions run high

01 April 2015
BBMzansi: Emotions run high Image : 373

Emotions ran high when Bexx and Soxx went into the diary room.  They had been irritated with each other for a while.  Soxx expressed his dissatisfaction with his partner for embarrassing him in front of everyone by telling them that he acts a certain way when he has a girlfriend.  That made him feel weak and he said that she should not have said what she did because that could weaken their game and he also felt that she was not on his side at times.

Poor Bexx broke down and said that she never knew her partner felt that way and their biggest weakness was lack of communication and that they could not always assume that they knew what the other person was thinking.  Ever since Tembi came into the picture, Bexx said she had tried many times to talk to him with no avail.  Biggie gave them time to compose themselves and told them to remember that they were playing their own game. Through tears and contrition, they hugged and apologised to each other.

Housemates pronounced that they have not been abiding by the rules, especially smokers who were aggressive about the fact that they were not allowed to smoke on school premises. They said that they had been smoking without getting caught.

Adams and Tembi believed that, Mbali should have been prefect because she could enforce discipline and their wager would not be in jeopardy.

According to some housemates, some of them had been sucking up to K2 and Blue and there had not been any name calling ever since they became HoH.

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