BBMzansi: Mbalsea bag their R30,000

29 April 2015
BBMzansi: Mbalsea bag their R30,000 Image : 426
Mbali and Chelsea have successfully secured the R30,000 that they won on Sunday. Not without some sleep lost though. The all-girl pair made it to the end of their challenge without a wink of sleep and whole lot guarding.

For 48 hours the girls had to sit close to the 55 minute timer and make sure that the alarm didn’t ring. Every hour on the hour, the increasingly dog-tired pair took shift hanging out in the garden across their cheque, watching over it with their lives.

But last night the time ticked for the last time before the alarm rang and startled Mbali. It signalled that end of their challenge, the sweet end to sleep-depravation and the even sweeter smell of money.


While the girls had been down this road before, they never anticipated it to be so gruelling. Humans have been known to forgo sleep for a period of up to 11 days; a whopping 246 hours! But for Mbali and Chelsea, it was bedtime.

Their relief was palpable. Biggie was all about effort. If it came easy, it would go just as easy. Well done, one again, to Team No Sleep Mbali and Chelsea!

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