Idols SA: Audition tips from the stars

28 January 2015
Idols SA: Audition tips from the stars Image : 246

It’s that time again where millions of hopefuls give it their best shot in the South African Idols competition. This year is the 11th season of the competition and we caannot wait to be blown away by the talent that the competition shows off!

Audition dates and venues have been released
and it is now up to you to sing your heart out and realise your dreams. But before then, the first stop is at the auditions where you will find out if you stand a chance in the competition. We have gathered some advise from some of last year’s contestants who made it into the top 16. Here’s what they had to say:

Boitumelo Morobane: “Always have a back-up plan for another song in case they ask for more. Stay calm and smile. Be honest and PLEASE rehearse your audition song as much as you can. Be alive. Be the song - confidence is key and more importantly believe in yourself!”

Kyle Deutschmann: "Know your song, make sure you sing it well, then just relax and go enjoy yourself".

Bongiwe Silinda: "Do not compromise your sound, it makes you stand out from the other contestants and gives you an identity".

Roxy Glenny: "Audition and just have fun. You have nothing to loose. You meet the coolest people in the lines, you sing songs, you witness other people's talent and it's awesome!"

Musa Mashiane: “Just do you and give it your all and please never try to imitate other artists because you're unique in your own way. You are your own brand, so push your own signature sound it's going to work for you, trust me!"

Ivan Roux: “Leave the judges wanting more, sing a current and popular song that everyone will sing along to, at home and at the auditions. Be unique, different & stand out!”

Rowan Michael: "Just be yourself. You are unique in your own special way and don't forget that. If you have a good voice, great personality and just love what you do, then you are on the right road to success. Wherever you end up, whether it be in the top 2 or even if you don't progress past the judges, it is an achievement on its own. Good luck and God Bless."

Vincent Verhoog: “Be humble, be yourself and do what you love doing. Do not act because the audience at home can see straight through you. Pick a song that you’re most comfortable with. Make the song yours by giving it your own emotion; don’t copy the style of the artist. Carry the story in your own voice and if you have a story to tell or have been through an ordeal, use that emotion and show people that you are human too.”

Lize Mynhardt: “Believe in yourself so much because it makes it hard for the judge to doubt you - give it your heart and soul and show whoever is watching that your performance is genuine and sincere. Don't be afraid of criticism, it will become your best friend!”

Demi Lee Moore: “Well I think THE most important thing, not only in auditions but throughout the entire competition, is always ultimately your song choice. You should sing something that not only compliments your voice but that is also something new, hip and happening! Think of the type of musician you want to be as well. What the public wants to hear and what you can bring are two different things. Be cognisant of that.

Don't go over the top and belt out every single big note you can hit. Leave them wanting more and concentrate on quality instead of quantity.

Always have at least two songs as backup. The judges appreciate a variety and that will show them that you came prepared.

Tune that guitar if you intend on using it and be sure you CAN play at least three chords.

Oh and of course, stay AWAY from Elvis Presley. Mr. A does not like that!”

With all of that said, do you think you are ready for your audition? Song choice checked? Backup songs checked? Confidence levels checked? Are you calm? And most importantly, will you be the next idol?
All the best!

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