Are you ready for It's Complicated?

24 July 2015
Are you ready for It's Complicated? Image : 547
You know that situation when you really need to choose between a rock and a hard place but you sort of feel comfortable being in that position? That’s exactly what the characters in our spanking new show, It’s Complicated are going through.

The lives of seven Jozi ‘high-fliers’ are tangled in a web of love, lies and ambition. It is Joburg after all and the stakes are always high and these young lives must make it work.

With the show premiering tonight, we take a closer look at the characters and try getting into their heads to see what is really going on in their minds as they venture through the hustle and bustle of the city of gold:

Complicated - IpelengComplicated - ThatoBlk


Most ladies in their late 20s and early thirties will relate to Ipeleng’s situation. I mean, you have the dream job, you have the money, you have the man – well, sort of - because there's the minor technicality of him just not popping that all-important question. What must to can happen now? as annoyed people would say. You are pressured by everyone; from your mother, your aunts and well, your work colleagues have also started dropping the hints – did we mention that everyone you know is getting married and having babies like it’s getting out of fashion? You already know that time is running out but what should you do? Yeah, that’s Ipeleng and to a certain degree, her man Thato's lives in a few lines.

Complicated - MandisaComplicated - ThabangBlk

So we have a bit of a dilemma, Mandisa decides that it's okay for her to quit her steady day job to follow a dream. All good and well but ehmmm... we wonder if this move will not affect her relationship with her vat n' sit Thabang. Uyazama yena shem uThabang wabantu, but will be enough for the two of them? and, will their love survive this 'mess'?

Complicated - Matli

Ask Matli and she'll tell you she has no time for commitment - being tied down? - ha aneva shem! She's doing perfectly fine as a lone-ranger chasing after the latest parties and rubbing shoulders with celebville's who's whos. Oh she badly wants to be a celeb and we're crossing our fingers that she makes it one day bantu.


Well, well, well, guess what? As life happens, the three women find themselves in a sisterhood of sorts. We can already imagine the tears, the laughter and the over-flow of advice and well, vino *wink*.


Complicated - VumaniBLK

Rounding off the world of IT’S COMPLICATED is good-looking and arrogant Vumani, a football star who judges all women on the standard set by the money-hungry mother of his only child. Bad-boy Vumani, is a self-confessed womaniser and he’s not planning to change his ways any time soon. But, faced with the possibility of a career-ending injury and the prospect of life off the field, he is forced to re-evaluate what he once thought he knew, with surprising results. Mhmmm!

Complicated - Ntandokazi

Last but certainly not least - cliche right? But then again, who is this girl and what is she doing here? That's what everybody wants to know. Well, if you're serious about knowing the answers to that question and more then tune into It's Complicated tonight at 19:30 on Mzansi Magic DStv channel 161.

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