Are Lesego's slay queen days over? – Unmarried

24 February 2019
Now that Kenny has broken up with her, is it over for her slay queen days?

Lesego is the gorgeous friend that hasn't had to work a day in her life! Who can blame her? She uses her talent for beauty and charm to live like a queen! Recently, things have been taking a turn for the worst for her. We give you all the signs that her time might just be up: 

Kenny broke things off for good 

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Kenny breaks it off

Kenny, her long- term married boyfriend has replaced her with a younger, trendier and less clingy girl. Who ever would have thought that he would be over our beautiful Lesego? But it seems a new girl in town has her ex blesser spending money and time with her!

Brenda's boss mistook her for a prostitute

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Far from impressed

Her seduction game came on a bit too strong for Brenda's millionaire boss who offered her money before engaging in a fun time together. He misread all the signals, mistakening her for a lady of  the night. She was furious and immediately kicked him out! Does this mean she has to tone down her approach? 

She needs 50K to maintain her lifestyle!

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In debt

Kenny has not paid for her morgage or her car in 3 months! It seems the transactional relationship between the two is really over. Now, she has to maintain it all by herself. Will she be able to cut down on the champagne and the shopping? What's a slay queen without bubbles and red bottoms? 

She has to move in with Trevor, in his one bedroom apartment. 

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Downsize the lifestyle

How can she slay in a shared one bedroom apartment? Now that her lifestyle and champagne popping days are over, will she still have queen status? If she can't be where the money is,where will she catch her next rich hunk?

Dololo DM's

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A makeover

Lesego had an entire photoshoot to to update her social media portfolio, the purpose was to attract a new crowd of investors! However, not even one eligable bachelor went in for the kill. Has our beautiful Lesego lost that ' thing'? 

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