All the couples we love to watch on Mzansi

14 February 2019
In the month of love, we give a shout out to all our favourite couples!
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All year long we are consumed with their love stories, so in Valentines month it's only fair we pay a tribute to our faves! Whether their relationships are filled with drama... they stick together no matter what! Who are your favourites?

1. Mpiyakhe​ and Sbongile

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Mphiyake and Sibongile

Sbongile beat the odds and found love even though she had to get past Mpiyakhe's other wives! These two recently had one of the best traditional weddings, and we love how different yet complimentary they are. We can't be mad that Mpiyakhe found love again! 

2. Zamani and Simi

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Zami and Simai

Zamani and Simi met in varsity and they had an instant spark! We have seen these two grow and mature in front of our screens and we are in awe of their maturity. They have survived it all, including a fake death and a baby. Today, Zamani is a strong contender in the boyfriend olympics! A great step father whose love for Simi has never wavered. We hope it lasts! 

3.Mmabatho and Shaka

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Mmabatho and Shaka

Mmabatho came into Shaka's life and changed him for the better, and after the most controversial wedding these two are now expecting the arrival of their little baby boy. Shaka is not perfect , but one thing is for sure is that these two really love each other. The Khoza family has also been a pillar of strength for these two and we convinced they can overcome anything, even infidelity. 

4. Iris and Jabu

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Iris and Jabu

Iris and Jabu have been through the most! But they have recently managed to rekindle their love and bring back the spark! This relationship wasn't short of drama with Iris being Jabu's step mother at some point. They faced harsh judgements but have managed to let love win. 

5. Petronella and Mjakes 

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Petronella and Mjakes

These two have that honest old school love, Petronella often fights with Mjakes about his bonus but at the end of the day it's all love! They complain and even threaten to leave each other for better, but there is nowhere in the world they would rather be. Humour and consistency is the key to this long time marriage, they are truly #CoupleGoals. 

6. Sbudeka

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Sbusiso and Thandeka are not perfect, at some point Mabuyi made this duo a love triangle. However, Thandeka managed to forgive Sbu and now they are raising two beautiful children! These two were highschool sweethearts who have managed to keep it together. They are definitely one of Mzansi's faves!! 

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