All love lost?

07 September 2016
Is this the last straw for Thandeka and Sbu?
Isibaya_ AllLoveLost_Artcle

Love has been a source of much pain for usual suspects Thandeka and Jabu. It’s like, as Sengwayo’s children, they can’t quite get run away from a love life of strife. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many of you may view the end of a relationship as a good thing and the start of a new one, as a bad thing. Often, however, one man’s trash will be another’s treasure.

Thandeka and Sbu appeared to be on the road to fixing things. She quit her job and took up eBhubesini to build a life with him. She had decided to commit herself to making him happy, lest Mabuyi take over that job. But things have since soured. Quite badly.

Indeed. The worst – or for Mabuyi, best – thing that could happen, has happened. At the centre of it all is Sbu, overwhelmed and undecided.

Wounded and heartbroken again, Thandeka threw herself into the arms of Don, in a desperate attempt to get even.

Get even she did. But now what?

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