Ali & Nosizwe

21 July 2017
Ali and Nosizwe are currently a couple, who describe their relationship as loving and supportive. The lovebirds, if they win, have lots of plans for the million. They would pay their rent for an entire year to ease financial pressure. They would also plan for the kids they intend to have in the future, take trips, invest in a home-style cooking space, and invest in the many projects they have.
Nosizwe & Ali

I Joined KFC Taste Kitchen Because...

Ali: My girlfriend’s mom sent me the application without any note, and I took it as a sign that I had to enter.

Nosizwe: It’s a great opportunity to pursue a dream, and is a Launchpad.

When Did You Discover Your Passion for Cooking?

Ali: As a person who has always loved to eat, I have had a passion to cook since I burnt my first boiled egg.

Nosizwe: I was 28 years old. 

What Is Your Favourite Food on the KFC Menu?

Ali: The chicken breast.

Ngcingci: The Sprinkle Pops. 

Describe Your Perfect Kitchen/Cooking Space

Ali: Baking ovens, gas stoves, fire pit, Weber smoker, pizza oven.

Nosizwe: Open plan, functional, fully equipped, with access to a vegetable/herb garden.

Words to Live By:

Ali: Be true to yourself, and take control of what you are able to control.

Nosizwe: Fortune favours the brave, so seize the day!