A storm is brewing

02 March 2017
As a war inches closer and dangerously closer.

Things are coming to a head. Ngwenya is fast learning that while sabotaging Sengwayo may have worked, it did so only in the short term. Sengwayo and Mkabayi, on the other hand, have been slow because they underestimated just how ruthless Judas is.

But the Zungus weren’t the only people Judas fooled. His very accomplices Ndlovu and Nkabinde were the babies that were thrown out with the bath water. Sadly, he no longer had use for Ndlovu. After a long ploy to unseat Zungu from the UTA as chairman and implicate him in crimes they committed – under the ausipices of Sunday – Judas turned the gun on his partner in crime in order to have all the power to himself.

Nkabinde, in a delicious twist of fate, is the one in the hotseat!


The puppet master that turned Lerato into his slave and brainwashed her into acts of the worst crime including murdering the MEC, was captured and warned to spill the beans about his dirty deal with Judas, or face losing his family.

The truth is out now. But the Zungus may be running out of time. How long can Sengwayo stall before Judas wakes up and learns that he is a million steps behind?

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