Clash of the Choirs: Team Limpopo knocked out

15 February 2016
Last night, all hopes of Team Limpopo lifting the Clash of the Choirs trophy came to screeching halt
Clash of the Choirs: Team Limpopo knocked out Image : 828
Limpopo was first to hit the stage during the first of many elimination shows this season, led by choirmaster Penny Penny. With a theme that sought to shine a spotlight on (and celebrate) South Africa’s music legends, this week’s performances proved to be as exhilarating and as memorable as they come.

Last seasons champion choirmaster, Robbie Malinga, was our guest judge - and from the start, he was pretty clear about what he was looking for. “I’m looking for creativity and entertainment. I want the choirs to be unique and most importantly, they need to have fun on that stage”. Anele seemed to share his exact sentiments. “This week, I want the choirmasters to go way off the charts. I want to be able to still recognize the song they are singing though,” Anele said.

Team Limpopo was tasked with adding their unique flair to PJ Powers’ “Jabulani” - and when they mounted the stage, they seemed as confident as their sequin-wearing choirmaster. Penny Penny’s jacket won Anele over and she said as much, while Robbie was not about fashion and instead laid into some of the choir members, who he insisted had forgotten their choreography. Rebecca, on the other hand, was quick to dispense pearls of wisdom. “Remind us how amazing it was to hear those songs back in the day,” she said. Following that performance, it seemed Team Limpopo was still in the running. Enter; Team Bucie.

The Eastern Cape choirmaster’s “Break boundaries and break all the rules” speech seemed to do the trick, because her choir gave it their all on the stage. “Our choreography is on point and we have rehearsed like crazy,” they shared, before wowing the judges. All the judges were unanimous in their critique of their performance. “Beautiful stuff! Your harmonies blend so perfectly,” Rebecca said. Robbie applauded Bucie for "working so hard", while Anele wrapped it up nicely with “Started from the bottom, now you’re here”.

Even though Team iFani won the first Elimination Free Pass of the season last week and were safe from Elimination, the choir was not afraid to put it all in perspective. "Seed haven't won yet". As such, their rendition of Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse’s “Burn Up” was teeming with themes from their winning performance last week. “We will not rest,” iFani said. Once the Western Cape had burned up the stage, our judges made their views heard, loud and clear. “What I love is you respected this song and kept the melody. You always surprise us, iFani - Actually, since the show started,” Rebecca enthused.

Robbie, on the other hand, was happy that he is not competing against the rapper and his choir. “I’m happy you weren’t around last season. Word of caution though, don’t peak too early, because you just might become too confident and mess up”. Anele was also on hand with a word of advice. “Dialogue during your performance is good, but don’t take attention away from what you’re doing. However, I love the fact that you have made your choir feel like it’s okay to be silly, iFani. Keep on being silly,” Anele said.

Team Gauteng then brought their ‘Old Egyptian’ flavor and married it with their “resurrection of Brenda Fassie”, during their performance of the icon's “Vulindlela”. “You look good guys - and your voices blend well. However, your first performance of the season still beats this one,” Rebecca said, while Robbie gave Kelly and her choir props for bravely picking such an incredible song. Anele politely disagreed with Rebecca, however, and christened this particular performance “Team Kelly’s best so far”.

Following a not-so-impressive performance last week, Team JR pulled up their socks and rehearsed day and night to get Vusi Mahlasela’s “Home” right. The choir’s hard work paid off magnificently! Rebecca couldn’t hide her pride (she's a Mpumalanga gal, after all). “You made me happy today! RJ!,” she said, forgetting JR's name in her excitement. Robbie admitted Team JR was the choir he had been most looking forward to hearing. Did they disappoint? Of course not!

Team KZN were tasked with adding their unique twist to Lucky Dube’s “Liquor Slave”. “The direction is uptempo and fun. If Lucky Dube were alive today, he was going to love our arrangement,” Busiswa enthused, before hitting the stage. Once the last melody had faded into the background however, it was time for the judges to share their views - and share them they did.

“The song was sung, but the message was not delivered. It was too jovial, which is not what the song is about,” Anele said. Robbie was as brutally honest. “Team KZN has won this competition twice before, but I’ll be honest. I was not impressed”.

Team Sfiso showcased their rendition of Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s “I’m Burning Up” and made sure to step up their game, following their performance last week. “What makes me happy is that you’re more relaxed. Now, you’re starting to enjoy yourselves,” Rebecca told the team, while Anele said “Off the bat, this was a lot better than last week. All I’ll say is you’re not in the bottom two and you’re not in the top 2 either”.

And with that, it was time to announce the choirs that were safe from elimination this week. These are Team Bucie, Team iFani, Team Sfiso, Team JR and Team Kelly. This left Team KZN and Team Limpopo to fight it out during the first clash-off of the season. After singing for our judges one last time, it was clear that Team Limpopo’s fate was sealed. Farewell, Penny Penny!

Clash of the Choirs airs every Sunday at 17:30, on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161)