Clash of the Choirs: iFani and Busiswa's big plans

27 January 2016
We pick Busiswa and iFani's brains on their roles in the new season of Clash of the Choirs
Clash of the Choirs: iFani and Busiswa's big plans Image : 798
We saw the larger-than-life rapper handing out 'Fast Forward Cards' like manna during his eventful hunt in the Western Cape on Clash of the Choirs this past weekend.

Even though some members of #TeamIfani were quick to raise eyebrows about this unique choirmaster's tactics (handing out tickets to the prettiest of ladies), iFani managed to put together a choir that sounded exceptional at the end of the auditions - and proved why he has an undeniable ear for music, no matter the genre.

Clearly, his approach is as unique as he is. We sat down with iFani during the Western Cape auditions and asked him about his special relationship with the province he is representing and also picked his brain on what his strategy is, going into the competition.

While iFani was having the time of his life in the Western Cape, Busiswa was trawling coast side in the KZN, looking to build her choir. Despite having reservations and being nervous about taking on such a daunting task (she’s been in a band, but has never been in a choir before), Busiswa held her own and managed to build a choir that shares her vision. “I want people who will bring special ideas that will be memorable,” she revealed, during our one-on one with her in Durban.

So, we've met all seven of this season's choirmaster and the race to pole position is on. Who will emerge victorious? Only time will tell.

Clash of the Choirs airs every Sunday from 17:30 on Mzansi Magic