Clash of the Choirs: Kicking things off with a bang

10 January 2016
Stiff competition right from the onset, courtesy of Team Kelly and Team Penny Penny
Clash of the Choirs: Kicking things off with a bang Image : 765
Tonight’s episode of Clash of the Choirs threw us smack into competitive mode, when we were introduced to Penny Penny’s Team Limpopo and Kelly Khumalo’s Team Gauteng.

The season kicked off with an unexpected move, when for the first time, the seven choirmasters were made to draw their regions out of a hat instead of being given their desired provinces. Penny Penny was happy to bag his home province of Limpopo while Kelly Khumalo drew the music hotspot of Gauteng.

While Kelly found a moment of inspiration on the road in Soweto, both choirmasters struggled to find strong candidates on the streets. Kelly also pulled a contentious move when she chose Soweto’s Nolifefe Sithole straight off her callback audition, speeding her into Team Kelly as the very first selection.

Eventually, after many hours of auditions, call backs and deliberation, both choirmasters ended up with full choirs of 18. The challenge has been laid down between Gauteng and Polokwane – which team will go furthest?

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