5 things to learn from the Mabaso wedding!

21 February 2017
Simphiwe and Lerato were more than just a bride and groom, but a lesson in love!

They started off as two people working for the same company, but it was not long after they were both single that they became alittle more than just colleagues and friends. They tried to hide it, but you can't keep a good love down or hidden. Now, they showed Mzansi their love and gave so many take away on love, marriage and happily ever after!

1. Be best friends!Β 

We have feard it said before...for a lasting relationship, make sure that you and love are friends first. No one know that better than Lerato and Simphiwe. In fact, Lerato said when Simphiwe finally told her he had feelings for her, she was not surprised and was very comfortable to take the next step with someone she knew, loved, enjoyed and trusted.Β 

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2. Team work, makes the team work

One thing the Mabaso's did, was plan their wedding together! Showing that they are couple that discusses and works together on things. When Lerato wanted purple for her bridesmaids dresses, Simphiwe suggested she also add some lilac to match the grromesmen. The result? Beautiful dresses, dapper groomesmen all for THEIR perfect wedding.Β 

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3. Be there for each other

When Simphiwe was not working Lerato was there for him. He moved to her place in Pretoria where they lived together while he looked for work. She also taught him a thing or two about spending too many nights with the boys when trying to turn your life around.Β 

4. Hire the best professionals and suppliers for your wedding day needs

The Mabaso's had a team of professionals to plan their wedding with. From the cake that was made by a lady who went above and beyond, to the bridemaids dresses which where ready on time. The only glitch may have been the decor but even that was sorted in time for their big reception.

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5. Have fun together!Β 

Instead of just doing a standard dance together, the Mabaso choreographed a special dance that showed the love between just the two of them. They must have had a lot of fun planning and executing it in front of the guests.Β 


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