BBMzansi: This is hilarious!

14 April 2015
BBMzansi: This is hilarious! Image : 391
Everybody loves and enjoys playing Biggie's CaptionTHIS game. When Big Brother Mzansi fans were supplied with a few pictures to caption, they submitted some hilarious quotes.

These were some of the favourites:

By: Oyena Gcwaninikazi Bavuma Ex "I g0t thIs" ;)

By: Gabs More "Modimo o mpontsha eng""?

Main picture:

By: Sean Dj_synQronice Murovez “Is that a bird,no its biggie because he is fly”

By: Oyena Gcwaninikazi Bavuma Ace "grand grand kwenzakaLanI ng0 sIbu"

By: Nasiphi Ngule  “Did he just say he's a design?”


Which is your best meme?

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