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My Brother's Keeper

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Meet the star-studded cast of Mzansi Magic’s new telenovela – My Brother’s Keeper

13 October 2023
Mzansi Magic, the home of entertainment, is ready to wow audiences once again with its latest telenovela, My Brother’s Keeper. Premiering on Monday 23 October at 19:30, the 130-episode drama promises suspense, intrigue, and top-tier performances.
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Produced by the renowned Rhythm World team, My Brother’s Keeper promises a compelling story of family politics, ambition, exploring how far individuals will reach in their quest for power and acceptance, and the corrupting nature of greed.

Against the opulent backdrop of the Shabalala family empire, at the heart of this drama stands Nqubeko, Mshengu's ambitious love child, trapped in the shadows and yearning for his rightful place in the family.

Nqubeko, driven by both ambition and the need for validation, sees an opportunity to become more powerful, setting his sights on his sister-in-law Fakazile, the key to the Shabalala legacy. But as he navigates this dangerous path, he finds himself at odds with his siblings, especially Donga, the rightful heir. As alliances shift and secrets come to light, the Shabalala family finds itself on the verge of collapse, with each member forced to reckon with their desires, loyalties, and the true cost of power.


Meet the Shabalala Family:

  • Mshengu (Lindani Nkosi): A dominant figure, Mshengu establishes authority with a mix of savvy and confidence. His traditionalist values often clash with the changing world around him.
  • Khwezi (Mnqobi Kunene): Mshengu's firstborn with MaMchunu. An astute businessman, Khwezi's unexpected absence sets in motion the drama to unfold.
  • Fakazile (Zola Nombona): An independent woman and wife of Khwezi. As the key to the Shabalala empire, she becomes the focal point of the power struggle.
  • Nqubeko (Wiseman Mncube): The ambitious love child, constantly seeking his father's approval. His decisions stir the pot within the Shabalala family.
  • Donga (Sdumo Mtshali): Mshengu's firstborn with his first wife, representing the rightful heir to the Shabalala legacy.


Other notable characters include Nomusa (Vuyiseka Cawe), the supportive wife of Nqubeko; Thuthuka (Sparky Xulu), the charming yet irresponsible youngest Shabalala; and Nkululeko (Nkanyiso Mchunu), a man easily swayed by temptation.

Don't miss the premiere of My Brother’s Keeper on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) on Monday 23 October at 19:30. Episodes will also be available on DStv Stream.