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Pick your fighter – Gqeberha: The Empire

29 May 2023
Thulani VS Ntando
Gqeberha: The Empire

Luzuko Mxenge left the family shook by announcing that Ntando will be handling business while he's away. Mzansi has been quite entertained with him finally having a seat at the table. While Thulani is the disciplined son who has been groomed from birth, we also love Ntando's hustler side! 

See all the reasons we think they both have what it takes to run the Mxenge empire: 

1. Predictable Vs Unpredictable

  • Thulani has been under his father's wing for quite some time, so the Mxenge family knows that he won't shake the table.
  • Ntando has a flair for creativity and may want to try things that his father traditionally would not and this could take the Mxenge household to greater heights.

2. Groomed Vs Hustler

  • Thulani is an 'If it ain't broken don't fix it', type of businessman. If it works for his father, it works for him and this is not a bad thing as Luzuko has managed to build a beast of an empire. 
  • Ntando will shake things up, try to find faster ways to make money and it may not always be a bad thing.

3. Excellent researcher Vs Risk-taker 

  • Thulani will research a new approach before taking it on, leaving nothing to fault. This means he rarely fails and has a successful track record. 
  • Ntando will make decisions from a hunch or feeling, which may not always work out but when it does, it means big returns for business. 

4. Generous Vs Stingy

  • Luzuko spares no expense for those he loves and Thulani would never interfere with how much his dad spends on his wives. 
  • Ntando cut off the money trail for those who just spend Luzuko's dime without bringing anything to the table and although a good concept, this certainly shouldn't apply to the Mxenge wives.

We've enjoyed seeing Ntando cause all the controversy, and even if his  abalone deal went sideways we don't doubt that both sons will be successful. But who are you rooting for Mzansi?

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