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'Bullet' the Matriarch –Gqeberha: The Empire

22 March 2023
We're loving the Queen Matriarch.
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Bulelwa 'Bullet' Mxenge will do anything to protect her dynasty, and that includes confronting problems straight on. You can call her the family fixer, because that's exactly what she does. She's loving, caring and honours her husband but you don't want to cross her bad side. 

Here all the reasons we love Bullet: 

1. She's all about unity

You won't catch her playing dirty, she is all about her family and nothing comes above that. She will protect a secret, if it could result in the destruction of Mxenge dynasty. She now hold Nozuko's and Thulani's secrets very close to her chest.

2. She will whip you in the name of love

After discovering Nozuko was having an extra marital affair, Bullet dealt with her accordingly. After giving her a sjambok beating, she still listened to her grievances about not being able to conceive. She gave a little bit of tough love, making it clear that extra marital affairs in polygamy are dangerous.

3. She will protect her cubs at all costs 

Thulani told Bullet about his feelings for Anathi, and although she did not judge him, she made it clear that he should stay away from her. She's been a pain in Mzansi's after she kicked Anathi out of the house, to avoid Thulani getting caught in her web. Her reasons her understandable, the two most important men in her life can't go to war over Anathi. This won't happen on her watch! 

4. She is definitely style goals

All the Mxenge wives don't embrace their Xhosa regalia like her, and she slays in it, all day, every day. Did you catch her wedding looks? Or how about the welcoming of the bride ceremony? Nothing more beautiful than a wife who is proud of her Xhosa heritage.

See what mzansi has to say about Bullet.  

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