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Day 70: Biggie's parting words for the Top 2 – BBMzansi

31 March 2024
Makhekhe and McJunior were the final two and Biggie had some parting words for them.

The season would not be complete without some words of encouragement from Big Brother himself. He has been dropping gems for the S'ya Mosha housemates all season long, but tonight, Makhekhe and McJunior had an opportunity to listen to Biggie blow their horns. 

Here is Biggie's message:

Makhekhe and McJunior, congratulations for being the last two standing finalists of Big Brother S’ya Mosha.

You have both left an indelible mark on the game. Your footprints crisscross from rural KZN and later Durban, to the dusty streets of Katlehong in Gauteng. Although you come from places that are miles apart, your commonality, conversations, and interactions reflected the bond and Spirit of Mzansi.

You were a formidable force among your peers, you played your game with authenticity and nothing deterred you from your quest to learn and grow.

Your unique laughter, mannerisms and personality have endeared the both of you to many. In you, saw parts of themselves reflected. They cried with you and they laughed with you.They felt your pain, and would not sleep when they thought you might be up to something that would get you in trouble.

Makhekhe, Tshepo Tau. Like your name, you are full of hope. You came into this space as a young lion in the wilderness, you embraced your circumstance and the unpredictable nature of the game; from the “two strokes” that threatened to end your game, you claimed your place like a roaring lion protecting its place under the sun. “I don't know if you know what I'm saying?”

McJuju, Mjunero, McJunior Zondi. You were a gamer of note; two times Head of House and three times winner of the Lotto Star Arena Games. Your competitive nature and never-die attitude is undeniable. Whilst it is true that you preferred to be in your own world, you were none-the-less true to who you are. You came to compete, and boy, you did. “Fact on fact!”

Top two finalists, Big Brother wants you to walk away knowing that your names have been carved into the Big Brother Top 2 Hall of Fame, and your footsteps will forever be etched into the memory of Big Brother’s house.

It is now time for Big Brother to let the curtain fall on Big Brother S’ya Mosha.

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