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Trish is in love ­ – Kina

13 January 2022
It all started at Caro’s party.
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After Caro and Limo parted ways, instead of moping around, she decided to throw a party at her bar in Misri to celebrate love. She invited everyone to New Janta and by the time the party ended, something unexpected happened – her brother Ezzy and her best friend Trish ended up going home together. Prior to this party, the two had never entertained the thought of being together let alone being in love. However, after the party, they both realised that they are lonely and have nothing to lose by being together, so they decided to go with the flow.

Then, Caro started to become suspicious of Ezzy’s new love interest after he became unusually secretive while Bella, his former girlfriend became curious after she heard that Ezzy has a new love interest. What will happen when Bella and Caro connect the dots and find out that their friend Trish is Ezzy’s new conquest?

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Elsewhere at the Tandalas, Frida managed to convince her brother Fred to fund her fictitious ‘diaper project’, an action that brought a wedge between Nana and Fred. What they didn’t know is that the whole project was part of Frida’s scheme to fleece money from them for her own gain. Will her lies finally catch up with her?

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