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The botched murder plan – Kina

24 September 2021
Jabali’s plot to end Priya’s life fails.
Priya fred, kina

When Nana received news that Fred is swiftly moving on with Priya, she hatched a plan to end her rival’s life before she could start a new life with her former husband.

She learned from her beloved son Kwame that Priya and Fred were going to do bungee jumping. Nana instructed her nephew Jabali to tamper with the cables so Priya could fall to her death. Her plan didn’t work. Fred ended up going first and realised in good time that the cables were not strong enough.

Meanwhile, in Misri, the residents were left baying for Smalls’ blood after their MCA Lefti was shot by Dora. Prior to the shooting, Smalls had threatened to kill Lefti because he gave Onyi a bigger tender than him. What the residents didn’t know is that Dora’s anger towards Lefti had started brewing after she introduced him to CS Aisha. Aisha was happy to meet a young youth leader for Misri with a vision. Lefti used the opportunity to present his own tenders and overlooked Dora which made her feel unappreciated. She then decided to take Lefti out once and for all.

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Is this the end of Lefti? Will Dora be brought to book? What will happen to Smalls? Be sure to follow the drama on Kina every Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on DStv 163.