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Nana kills Priya – Kina

28 October 2021
Fred is also shot and ends up in a wheelchair.
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Fred and Priya’s relationship ended shortly after it began. The two met and got married within two months. But Priya passed away a few hours after she became Mrs. Tandala. Here are the events that led to her gruesome death.

Kina Waters was facing a leadership vacuum after Nana’s exit. Cindy, Fred’s daughter stood in for her stepmother, but she struggled with the role. Her father then suggested they find someone to fill up the CEO role and Priya was the perfect candidate.

After she was employed and started making active changes at Kina Waters, Fred became attracted to her. They became close and the news of their relationship reached Nana who was still recovering from her divorce from Fred. She and Jabali, her right-hand man and nephew thought of ways to stop Fred from marrying Priya.

Despite pulling several stunts, Fred and Priya set the date and wedding preparations got underway.  Nana and Jabali decided to set Priya up. They intercepted a blood diamond transaction, took the diamonds, killed the agent and framed Priya for the murder.

Here are moments from their wedding


At Fred’s and Priya’s wedding, the gang stormed in and demanded to see Priya. As the guests scampered for safety, Nana and Priya found themselves together in one of the rooms. Nana then told Priya that she was responsible for the whole setup and then shot her. Fred came into the room moments later and found his newly wedded wife lying dead in a pool of blood.

As he tried to come to terms with the loss, one of the gangsters shot him at the back – something Nana had not expected.

Watch the moment here

How will Nana live with the guilt? Will Fred be okay?

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