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How to win your husband back... – Kina

24 October 2023
...Nana’s style.
kina, priya, fred, nana

What would you do if you discovered your ex-husband had moved on shortly after your divorce? Would you try to reclaim him or move on with your life? Nana was in this situation, but instead of giving up, she devised a well-thought-out plan to win him back. 

Here are some of the strategies she used: 

  • Get the kids on your side 

Nana began with her son Kwame. She invited him to pay her a visit at Redempta's house. Kwame vowed to return his mother to the mansion after seeing her living in deplorable conditions. His father initially refused the proposal, but after Kwame took her sister to see her mother's living conditions, he was persuaded. Fred was forced to allow Nana to move back into the house. 

  • Become better acquainted with your adversary 

Once Nana was inside the house, she put up roadblocks and limited Priya and Fred's time together. She tried to seduce Fred, was always present at all mealtimes, got Fred’s mother to speak to him, and even sabotaged Priya's cooking. Instead of growing apart, Fred and Priya became closer to the point where he proposed to her. 


  • Accept and move on 

Nana decided to throw in the towel and accept reality after realizing she was fighting a losing battle. She even wished him well, but had Priya set up behind the scenes.  Watch the moment here:

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