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How to fight for your man, Nana style – Kina

01 October 2021
She seems to have countless tricks up her sleeve to win Fred back.
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Nana is one woman who just won’t back down when it comes to Fred. Even though they are officially divorced, and Fred is engaged to Priya, Nana cannot imagine her life without her former husband let alone seeing him moving on with another woman.

Here's how she managed to set her ‘get-my-husband-back’ operation in motion.

First, Nana manipulated Kwame and Zuri who got their father to allow her to move into their cottage in the suburb of Runda from the sprawling slums of Misri.

Next, with the help of her right-hand man and trusted nephew, Jabali, she managed to get Fred to herself for some few hours one evening. What was meant to be a night of seduction ended up in misery after Fred picked up what she was up to and ordered her to leave the bedroom.

When Priya planned a perfect dinner in, Nana over-spiced and over-salted the food. Thankfully Priya had a backup plan that left Nana seething with anger.

Nana then reached out to Joy, a one-time call girl that Fred was involved in. She instructed her to seduce Fred again and videotape the episode. Nana threatened to expose her to her family if she did not comply with her order. That plan also backfired on her after Joy disclosed her plans to Fred.

Fred and Priya decided that Nana should move out of the yard completely. They arranged for her to move into a flat several kilometers away from their house. On the day she was to move out, Priya received a call from the agent saying that the same flat was up in flames. It was not hard to guess who was responsible.

Does this mean that Nana is stuck with them until their wedding? What will be her next move? Be sure to follow the drama on Kina every Monday to Friday at 8 pm on DStv 163 to find out.