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Get to know Fiona Ashley Katulu – Kina

26 January 2022
She plays Caro on the telenovela Kina.
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In the past few weeks, the character Caro has been on an emotional roller coaster. Her relationship with the new factory manager Limo ended soon after it started thanks to her former boyfriend Lefti. He could not stand seeing her happy with another man and made every effort to ensure they separated – and he succeeded. But who is the person behind this character Caro? We recently caught up with her and this is what she shared with us.


Fiona Ashely was born on 30 November 1993 and was raised by a single mum. They lived in Thika for twelve years before they moved to Nairobi where she attended and completed her primary, secondary, and university education, graduating with a BCom degree.

Ashley started performing while in primary school, doing choral verses and poems. When she started high school, she got involved in the drama club. In her last year of university, she reluctantly went for an audition, joined Liquid Arts Entertainment, and did stage plays and films. Four years later she joined Zamaradi Productions and got the role of Caro on Kina.

About her role

“I love my character because it challenges me to push myself beyond what I thought I could. My most enjoyable situation on set was learning how to use a gun which was so cool, I was scared before I actually got the hang of it.  My most challenging situation onset is shooting scenes with extremely different emotions back-to-back, like shooting a scene where I'm breaking down completely and immediately after shooting a different scene where I'm composed and happy, it's quite challenging but I hack them,” Ashley said.

Additionally, she said that her character made her realise how strong she is and that giving up is never an option. She loves and protects the people in her life with all her heart and works each day to not disappoint them. Her favourite character onset is Albo.

When asked to name five things people don’t know about her, this is what she shared:

  1. I am quite shy.
  2. I can be introverted, depending on the environment.
  3. I’m a strong and emotional person.
  4. I love laughing.
  5. I can't cry in public.

One of Ashley’s achievements is being voted as the best actress of the year while she was working at Liquid Arts Entertainment and being on Kina, one of the most loved and watched telenovelas in East Africa.

Catch Ashley playing Caro on Kina every Monday to Friday at 8 pm on DStv 163 and GOtv Supa CH 8.