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Fred remarries Nana – Kina

17 November 2021
Could he be on the rebound?
kina wedding, fred, nana, wedding, kina, redempta

The last couple of weeks have been tough for Fred. He lost the love of his life, Priya moments after they exchanged vows, he was shot, ended up in the hospital, and became wheelchair-bound. Prior to that, he wanted nothing to do with his ex-wife Nana. He even chased her away from his house and divorced her. But now he seems to have a change of heart.

After Nana nursed him to health, he fell in love with her again, proposed, and married her. Has Fred really had enough time to heal emotionally from his previous relationship and unpack all the issues they had? Is he on the rebound?

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kina wedding, fred, nana, wedding, kina, redempta
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Fred recently married Nana. Could he be on the rebound or is he really in love with her?

Yes, he is on the rebound. 38%
No, he is really in love with her24%
A bit of both since he has no choice.39%

In Misri, Hope and Bella struggled to cope with Lefti’s drinking habits. After he lost his MCA position, he spiraled out of control, became an alcoholic and even went as far as stealing from his own sister to support his habit.  However, his no-nonsense auntie Chao arrived and used extreme methods to help him back into shape. Will she succeed in helping him?

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