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5 top kisses on Kina – Best of 21

07 January 2022
Here’s how some characters expressed their affection to their loved ones.
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Kissing is an act that expresses love to someone special especially when one cannot find the right words to say how they feel.


The different types of kisses can depend on what kind of relationship one has with the other. Here are some of the top five kisses that happened on the telenovela Kina in 2021:


Kiss of patience

When Priya was overwhelmed by the thought of Nana disrupting their wedding plans, he affectionally gave her forehead a kiss and assured her that he’s got her back and nothing would come between them.

Kiss of appreciation

Nana often shared this kiss with her husband Fred to appreciate his support. She expressed her appreciation for what he did and then followed it with a kiss on his cheek.

Don’t worry kiss

Zuri has always struggled to have a good relationship with her mother Nana. Her boyfriend Ian was often aware of this dynamic and always gave her a listening ear. After Zuri expressed herself, Ian kissed he hand. This type of kiss shows that there is an existing relationship between two people.

My-woman kiss

This is a sensual kiss on the cheek. Although it can be seen as a platonic greeting gesture, when one lingers for a moment, it can add a romantic meaning to it. Fred gave Priya this kiss after she made him a meal that he enjoyed.

More time with you kiss

After Ian recovered from the attack, he decided to take Zuri out on a date at New Janta. When Zuri suggested they slow things down in their relationship Ian drew her close to him, gave her a gentle kiss on her lips, and assured her of his love.

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