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Sol Family: Quarantine


Preparing for new beginnings – Sol Family

19 July 2021
There’s excitement over a new family member as Sauti Sol prepare to become uncles.
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Sauti Sol band members Polycarp, Bien, Savara, and Chimano together with their partners are excited beyond words. One of their own is almost a father! Polycarp, the band’s guitarist who’s also known by the apt nickname ‘Fancy Fingers’, and his wife Amanda are preparing for the arrival of their newborn baby.   

What does this new chapter mean for the group? Do the rest envision themselves as parents in the future? These are some of the questions that came up during Amanda’s heartwarming baby shower which was held on her birthday.

A child comes with blessings, and we’ve never been so happy together. I mean of course we’ve been happy together, but the pregnancy took it a notch higher”, said the proud father-to-be.

The elaborate baby shower was hosted at Yvonne and Savara’s house. Lady Mandy, as Amanda is fondly known, was showered with gifts and the highlight was the new car her husband bought for her. 

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