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Zagamba is mercilessly killed – Sanura

30 November 2022
Kisasi plotted this heinous murder.
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For the past few weeks, Mzee Kisasi has been on a vengeance mission. His goal is to depose Mzee Nasoro, destabilize him financially unstable and marry his wife, Riziki.

First, he created a shortage of oil on the island which caused tension and despair in the island. His intention was also to make the villagers complain about Mzee Nasoro’s inability to lead.  

Following that, he hired Singi and Tsinje to steal the food from the island reserve that Nasoro had worked so hard to preserve. At around the same time, the police inspector Zagamba was investigating Sanura’s kidnapping which had happened a few weeks earlier. His research led him to Kisasi’s henchmen, (Singi and Tsinje). They revealed to him that Mzee Kisasi was the mastermind of the kidnapping.

When Kisasi found out that Zagamba has damning evidence about him, he quickly hunted him down, killed him and bribed his new puppet Inspector Mahadh (Zagamba’s deputy) to cover up his death.

Watch the sad moment here:

Meanwhile, in Siyu prison, inmates continued to bully Dula. Does Kisasi have anything to do with this? Sanura visited him while on her humanitarian mission, and she tried to persuade him to disclose the truth about her abduction. Will he tell her the truth especially now that Zagamba is dead?

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