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Will Sanura’s father allow her to marry Dula?

30 August 2022
The challenges of a woman caught up in a clash between tradition and modernity.
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Sanura premiered in July on Maisha Magic Plus and quickly become a fan-favourite. The series captures a young woman’s fascinating, stormy journey as she attempts to free herself from the patriarchal snares of a domineering father, who is hell-bent on marrying her off to Sultan Manoa’s son, in order to settle a long-standing debt.

To ensure his wish comes true, Nasoro sent his daughter off to a different island to prevent her from marrying a local street fighter, Dula. However, her aunt snuck her back to the island in the cover of darkness, just as the island was preparing for the annual cultural festival. In this festival, two men fight, and the winner gets to choose the woman he wants to marry. For a long time, Dula had set his sights on Sanura and made certain to win the fight and make her his wife.

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Mzee Nasoro on the other hand refused to accept the outcome of the fight and refused to let Sanura go. The matter was then brought before the elders, who decided that Sanura should undergo the following challenges:

  • Shave off all her hair
  • Prepare a tasty traditional dish big enough to feed the entire baraza la wazee
  • Balance a pot of water on her head and carry it from the well to the heart of the city

Which of these challenges was the most humiliating for her? Take the poll here:

Dula would take her as his wife if she failed one of them. Sanura had no idea that Mzee Kisasi was planning to sabotage at least one of the challenges, and she ended up winning two of them. Watch the moment here:

What will this mean for Sanura? Will her father allow her to marry the Dula?


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