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Get to know the incredible Sanura cast

22 September 2022
These are the characters that bring the show to life

Sanura is a captivating series that is set on the picturesque Lamu island. The show is named after a beautiful young lady who aspires to be modern and independent in a world steeped in traditions

Here are the characters who bring this story to life as well as their individual goals:

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She is the only child of Nasoro and Riziki and the sole heir to their wealth. She lives in a time when there is a clash between ancient and modern cultures. As a king's daughter, she is not expected to learn anything but secretly learns how to knit from the maids. She is in love with Hatim but the island’s well-known street fighter chooses her as the woman he wants to marry after winning the annual fight.

Goal: To be the voice of the voiceless, young, naïve and oppressed girls on the island.

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He is the only child of a fighter. He trained and learned to fight by watching his father fight as a child. He has fought many fights on the island and remains undefeated. As a result, he has established himself as the most feared and dangerous fighter.

He has a serious attachment to donkeys and owns a donkey that was given to him by his late father. He uses his skills to curb donkey theft on the island.

Goal: To win Sanura’s love and to oppose the arranged/forcefully marriage tradition. He vowed to do this after his sister was forced to marry a man she never loved.

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He is a rich and influential businessman. He owns the only major filling station in the island and is involved in other murky deals. In his youth, he was a fierce fighter who founded and funded the island's street fights.  Sanura, his one and only child holds a special place in his heart.

He has been married and divorced three times. He finally settled with his fourth wife Riziki after she successfully conceived and bore him a child. He killed Tamauko, (Dula’s father) business empire using dubious means. This action pushed Tamauko into depression and he later died. He doesn’t want to see his daughter Sanura get married because if she does and conceives a child, his life will end.

Goal: Become the wealthiest and most powerful man on the island while postponing his daughter's marriage for as long as possible.


She was married through the victory of Nasoro’s fight. She had struggled to conceive and when she bore Sanura Nasoro settled with her. She is a victim of female oppression and advocates for assertiveness. She instils the same values in her daughter and always fights for space in society. She is a dutiful and loyal wife and while she respects her husband, she stands firm in her beliefs.

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She is a modest lady who strictly adheres to culture. She believes that preparing young women for marriage is essential. She is strict, firm, and courageous, and she serves as a role model for many.

The goal is to teach all of the island's young maidens about marriage.

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He is the island’s cultural custodian and presides over cultural ceremonies. He owns a transport business and harbours a cold secretive resentment towards Nasoro for two reasons:

  • Nasoro pushed for the marriage of his daughter on Shella Island. She later committed suicide and Kisasi has since then held a grudge against him
  • Nasoro married Riziki, a woman Kisasi was interested in

Goal: To exact revenge on Nasoro and reclaim Riziki, Nasoro's wife.



He is a dirty cop who wines and dines with the high and mighty to cover up for his murky dealings. He is a corrupt, harsh, bullish, greedy and secretive individual.  

Goal: He wants his son to marry Sanura at all costs so that he can benefit from Nasoro’s wealth and influence.

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She is the queen of the grapevine and desperate for a husband. She is a very talkative, materialistic, traitorous and promiscuous woman.

Goal: Despite Malik’s declaration of love for her, her goal is to marry Dula because of his fame.

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She and Nyashee are good friends and is desperate to settle and start a family of her own. She is also the queen of the grapevine and a humorous person.

Goal: Because Malik has already declared his undying love for Nyashee, she hopes that Dula will marry her instead of Nyashee.

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